• SA, seafood that you can eat everyday SA, seafood that you can eat everyday
  • SA seafood is fresh, healthy and affordable SA seafood is fresh, healthy and affordable
  • SA top quality seafood SA top quality seafood

Product Highlights

Fresh – From ocean to dinning table for half the time of traditional supermarket

Seafoods from SA are all reared along the icy shores of Canadian ocean in an eco-friendly manner. We bring our farmed fish to your home in just 48 hours, and our wild fish from fishing to processing in just 72 hours. We only take less than half of the time compared to the traditional supermarkets. Fast processing with maximum freshness.

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Healthy – Professional farming with no pollution

Many of the seafoods in the market today are from the deep ocean water, which means they contain higher levels of heavy metal elements and parasite. They are therefore not suitable for long-term consumption. To solve this problem, SA gathered a professional farming and research team to rear healthier fish through controlling the density and by using only organic feeding to avoid polluting the environment. This healthy and suitable for long-term day-to-day consumption.

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Affordable – No middleman needed

SA’s unique O2O business model makes us the consumer’s one stop seafood supplier. From fishing, processing and delivery we control the quality in every step of the way. The results are fresher and more affordable for you. We do not just give you the freshest seafood, but we also want to make them affordable so everyone can enjoy seafood as often as they want.

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Fresh, healthy and affordable seafood along with the convenience of online shopping and home delivery, we are the one stop seafood provider for you.

FRESHOTO is an O2O seafood delivery platform built by SeaAlliance. FRESHOTO combines offline experience store with online service and community platform. Our goal is to bring local and imported top quality seafood directly to consumer’s home through our home delivery network.

FRESHOTO is also an open online community. Our large number of healthy eating experts and foodie shares their experience on how to make healthy yet delicious food with. FRESHOTO also invites professional nutritionist and chief on a regular basis to share their professional knowledge with every seafood lover.


SeaAlliance(SA) is a company founded in the beautiful British Columbia. Our mission is to combine top quality seafood with O2O home delivery network to provide consumers with a healthy, trendy and convenience way to get seafood.

SeaAlliance have a team of aquaculture, seafood processing and supply chain expert that dedicates in perfecting the entire seafood industry chain to provide the consumer with continued guaranteed of quality.

In the recent years, consumer spending in China has increases dramatically and food safety has become one of the top concerns in China. SeaAlliance has its root in Canada with one of the best environment for seafood. We thrive to provide green, healthy and top quality seafood from North America to China and anywhere in the world where food safety is a concern.

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